Start thinking now, about ordering your palm tree for the upcoming Spring and Summer, it will be here before you know it.  Send an email to now to arrange pick up or delivery early this spring.  

Own, lease or rent your own Palm Tree for the summer.  Bring a little bit of paradise to your own private residence or business.  These trees are delivered to Connecticut directly from the growers in south Florida, ideal for pool areas, patios and decks. 

The option to purchase means the tree is yours to keep, you will need a place suitable for indoor storage in the winter months or you can lease the tree and opt for storage in a heated greenhouse for the winter months.

Rental options are also available for special occasions and social events.  Weddings, holiday parties, theme parties, corporate events and more.

For all your questions and concerns please contact Stephen Harrington at

819 Straits Turnpike, Middlebury, CT Call Today: (203) 948-2608

Contact us for your own piece of paradise. 

Palm Tree Sales Lease and Rental

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